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Christmas Carols

28 November 2011

On the  Friday night before Christmas, the ferry crossing is going to be very merry because the band DEK from Den Hoorn is going to give a Christmas performance. During the Christmas weekend there are several performances by the Texel music clubs and choirs:

-     Friday 23 December from 17.00 until 19.00 hours Christmas performance by the band DEK on the ferry.

-     Saturday 24 December at 14.30 hours on the Stenenplaats in Den Burg, Christmas performance by the Koninklijk Texels Fanfarecorps.

-     Saturday 24 December 19.00 hours: Christmas celebration around the Christmas tree at the village square in De Koog, with participation of the Koninklijk Texels Fanfarecorps.

-     Saturday 24 December performance by Singers of the Lord in the De Waal church.

-     Sunday 25 December 07.00 hours: musical tour through the village Oosterend by music society Excelsior.

-     Monday 26 December 12.00 hours: Christmas concert by music society Excelsior and the double quartet of the Texel Christian men's choir, in the large church in Oosterend.

Christmas Carols
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