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Cultuurhistorisch Museum

Take a closer look at the past

Cultuurhistorisch Museum

The Agrarisch en Wagenmuseum, located in a traditional farmhouse, initial emphasis on preserving the history of rural life on the island.

Cultuurhistorisch museum  The museum expanded over the years and  the museum's exhibition space, warehouse and workshop grew with it. Today the museum occupies over an 1,500 sqm area,  the collection exhibited a multiple of originals.

 The physical growth of the museum made it possible that the collection of the museum could grow as well.

Currently, the museum presents a varied picture of the life of the habitants of Texel in the past.

This development prompted the museum to rename it Cultuur- Historisch Museum Texel. Each year one of the central themes of agriculture, pastureland, transport and bulb nursery in alternating form is prominently presented.

Special museumcard

• Adults: € 1,50 (additional charge for special exhibition)
• Children: for free

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