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Kaap Skil

A visit of adventure

Kaap Skil

Beachcombers and sea heroes

Beachcombers are natural story tellers. They relish in telling the tales of their finds and adventures.

KaapSkilThere is plenty to see and do at the museum in Oudeschild. You can explore traditional fishermen's houses and old ‘seadogs' give frequent rope making and fish smoking demonstrations. You can also see the largest maritime maquette in the world. The maquette shows the Rede van Texel in the seventeenth century, complete with the many sailing boats which were anchored here waiting  for favourable winds to set sail on their long journeys to foreign shores. All details have been stunningly recreated. The glorious VOC trading company and sea heroes such as Michiel de Ruyter were once frequent faces in Oudeschild.

"Kaap Skil"

Kaap Skil v/h Maritiem en Jutters Museum

A museum café and shop are situated on the ground floor of the entrance building of the museum .

On the first floor there is a collection of archaeological sea treasures. There are also findings of Texel divers on display. Some objects are kept under water to keep them well.

Located in the basement is the model of the Texel anchorage

the new name of Maritime and Beachcombing Museum: "Kaap Skil"

Business hours:

Tuesday till Saturday 10–17 hours
Sun- and holidays 12–17 hours
June open on mondays 10-17 hours

January 1st and first Christmas Day

Largely accessible for disabled.


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