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Passport Conditions

Below you will find the general terms and conditions applying to the Texel Passport 2023.

  • The Texel Passport is not an officially recognised document and is not a valid proof of identity.
  • The benefits and discounts offered by companies through this passport are valid up to and including 31 December 2023.
  • The Texel Passport is an exclusive document, and only valid after issuing by VVV Texel.
  • The Texel Passport is for individuals who have booked accommodation through VVV Texel.
  • The Texel Passport is not transferable to others.
  • The discount/benefit offered is not transferable, and cannot be exchanged for cash, goods and/or services.
  • This discount/benefit may not be used in combination with other discounts from the company concerned.
  • You will be granted your benefit or discount on presentation of your Texel passport.
  • A sticker will be pasted into your Texel passport as proof.
  • Participating companies are responsible for pasting the sticker in the passport. They do this at their own initiative, and on their own account. The issuer of the Texel Passport has no responsibility nor recourse should this not be done.
  • The issuer has no liability whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss suffered by partners or third parties, arising from the use or application of the Texel Passport, in whatever form.
  • Subject to changes and/or company closure(s).
  • VVV Texel reserves the right to change and/or withdraw any discounts/benefits in the Texel Passport. VVV Texel also reserves the right to change the Texel Passport or to terminate it entirely. Any such change or termination will be announced on the website or through other media, without this implying any obligation on the part of VVV Texel.

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