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What is the Texel tourist information office?

The Texel tourist information office opened its door in 1898, first as an association and then as a not-for-profit foundation as of 1986. The Texel tourist information office focuses mainly on providing information to guests, promoting and marketing Texel as a holiday island and providing booking facilities for accommodation providers on Texel.

Stichting VVV Texel Promotie (which translates as the Texel tourist-information-office promotion foundation) is based on three pillars in which all of the interested parties on Texel are represented: the municipality of Texel, the Koninklijke N.V. Texels Eigen Stoomboot Onderneming (TESO) ferry service and the Texel Entrepreneurs Platform (TOP). An increasing number of (four-year) contracts are being signed with these parties, in which they commit themselves to providing a promotional contribution. This construction, which is the first of its kind in the Netherlands, means that the foundation can rely on a generous promotion budget every year, which it uses to market Texel as a holiday island.
Stichting VVV Texel Promotie also provides information to visitors who come to the island. The current office building for the tourist information office was built with this in mind in 1992. It consists of an extensive shop and a desk that visitors can go to with any questions they have about Texel. Every year, more than two million visitors visit the website for the Texel tourist information office, about 25,000 telephone calls are taken, more than 20,000 bookings are taken for holidays on Texel and about 85,000 guests visit the shop.

The mission of the Texel tourist information office is: "Making positive connections possible between guests and hosts on Texel."

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