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Which insurance policies can I take out?

To avoid unexpected costs, it's always wise to take out cancellation and inventory insurance. For more information, the general terms and conditions and details of the costs applicable, see Cancellation insurance, the Insurance card and Inventory insurance

Cancellation insurance

You can arrange cancellation insurance during your online booking. It is advisable to arrange cancellation insurance as there is always a chance that events can happen to make you postpone or cancel your trip. The costs of cancelling a booking can mount up to 100 percent of the original price. The cancellation insurance offered by Allianz Global Assistance covers these costs in many cases. You will also receive compensation if you have to travel back home during your stay. All unforeseeable events fall in principle under the following conditions: serious illness or death of the insured party or close family members. Involuntary unemployment after working on a permanent contract. Serious damage, for example by fire, to property of the insured party resulting in the insured party having to return home. Read here the conditions of your cancellation insurance policy and the claim form.

Cancellation insurance premium
The premium due for the cancellation Insurance is 6,5% of the rent plus a € 4,50 policy fee. Please note that insurance premium tax (21%) is charged on the premium and policy fee. The total travel sum does not include costs for reservation costs, cancellation insurance, deposit and ease of payment (so called 'betaalgemak').

Inventory insurance

Bungalow Inventory Insurance
This coverage is only effective if the additional premium is paid and this is reflected in the interpretation of the insurance.

  • Excess (so-called ‘own risk'): € 25,- per event
  • Maximum compensation for damage inflicted on hotel-/bungalowinventory or-buildings: Coverage: € 2.500- per trip 

If the insured is liable for damage caused by him personally to a hotel, bungalow, caravan or other lodgings where he officially stayed or at inventory thereof, the Company will reimburse such damage, however, with the exception of damage to the airframe of caravan, folding camper, camping-car or boat while driving or boating.

Condition is that there was no intent or gross negligence. The Company also pays damages to a rented safe during the trip due to the loss of the key to this safe.
Let op: an inventory insurance must be aranged together with a cancellation insurance..

NB: not always a ' normal ' travel insurance covers the damage to an accommodation stay.

The premium due is 1,5% of the rent.

The conditions and claim form

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