Corona measures on Texel

What is MyTexel?

MyTexel gives you personal, digital access to the information that the Texel tourist information office holds about you. If you have a personal MyTexel account, you can:

  • view and update your 'favourites' on the website
  • view your current bookings and the status of your payments
  • make payments. Once you have paid for your booking in full, you will also be able to print out your receipt here
  • see past bookings you have made with the Texel tourist information office
  • review the accommodation booked most recently by you
  • view your past reviews 
  • view your orders from the webshop and ticket shop
  • view your MyTexel stories or change or write a new MyTexel story. Add photos to your MyTexel stories and delete them too
  • update your contact details and activate or deactivate your registration for the newsletter
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