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Information for TOP members

VVV Texel was established in 1898. The mission of VVV Texel is "to enable beautiful encounters between guests and hosts (m / f) on Texel". The main tasks are the provision of information to guests, the promotion and marketing of Texel as a holiday island and the provision of booking options on Texel. VVV Texel is committed to the members of the Texel Entrepreneurs Platform (TOP) in all sorts of ways.

At VVV Texel, more than 20 people work in the Front Office, PR and Administration departments. Every year, more than 1.5 million visitors visit our site, our employees process around 25,000 telephone calls, make more than 20,000 bookings and visit around 86,000 guests at the VVV store on Emmalaan in Den Burg.

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