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All year round, VVV Texel works hard to promote Texel. Naturally, we can only promote it as we do with the help of the municipality, TESO and the members of TOP. Thanks to our united efforts, more than a million tourists, both Dutch and from other countries, visit our lovely island every year.


If you operate a company or holiday accommodation on Texel, why not join TOP?

VVV Texel offers these advantages for TOP members

If you are a TOP member, you can upload texts, photographs, short films and your company’s logo to the Business Directory [Bedrijvengids] at www.texel.net, VVV Texel’s most popular site. You may display your brochures in the VVV shop, another service exclusively for TOP members. When we organise trips for the press, we only mention TOP members. You can also participate in VVV Texel’s domestic and international advertising campaigns and special offers. If you have any company news to announce, please let us know and we will see whether we can include it in our newsletter that we regularly send to 80,000 subscribers. And this list of the advantages of being a TOP member is not exhaustive.

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You become a member by paying a contribution to TOP. The rates depend on the nature and size of your company. Please use this application form to apply.

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