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The Texel economy relies heavily on tourism. In part thanks to your contribution as TOP member, VVV Texel dedicates itself to promoting Texel. Thanks to this joint approach, Texel is building upon its strong image as a holiday island.

Specially for TOP members

As a TOP entrepreneur you can take advantage of the special offers, knowledge, experience and resources of VVV Texel in order to promote your company or accommodation even better. You have access to the following possibilities:

Photos of your company or accommodation

A picture says more than a thousand words. The website of VVV Texel provides excellent possibilities to present your accommodation or company with attractive, sunny and large photos. VVV Texel has found 2 local Texel photographers who can offer you a special package for photographing your accommodation(s) professionally. You can contact your preferred photographer directly yourself: Photographer Edo Kooiman, Photography Edo Kooiman, Photographer Liselotte Schoo or Photography Liselotte Schoo.

Ordering printed matter

Would you like to sell the printed matter of VVV Texel? You can order, for example, the Map of Texel or various walking and cycle routes at a discount from us. Using the below form, as retailers you can order the printed matter from VVV Texel at a discount. Examples include our popular publications the Map of Texel, the Eilandroutes book and the Lammetjesfietsroute cycle route.

Press visit to your company

VVV Texel regularly organises press visits for journalists from home and abroad. Throughout the year we are busy preparing various press visits. Sometimes from an individual journalist, and sometimes from a group. Would you like to register your company or accommodation for a press visit? If so, please feel free to contact us.

Pictorial material of Texel

'A picture says more than a thousand words.' As an entrepreneur you will undoubtedly want to make use of this well-known marketing piece of wisdom. Your website or brochure would after all have greater impact with good visual material.
For this reason, VVV Texel offers you a number of photos. Are you a TOP member? Then you can make free use of this in your promotional material. In its photo archive, VVV Texel has selected more than 20 typical Texel pictures that are available for use by TOP members. In this way, you have speedy access to free photos of Texel throughout the years. Look here at the photo
Through the above link you can search in the image library and send your request. The photos will then be quickly sent to you in high resolution.

Possibilities for overnight stays

We are always on the lookout for attractive locations where journalists can stay the night. For press visits, the VVV Texel pays the costs for the accommodation and overnight stay. Having a journalist stay with you can reward you with good direct publicity. That is why we ask you to make your accommodation available free of charge or at a discount.

Enter the prices of your accommodation

We ask that the participants of TOR, the Texel Online Booking System, to enter the rental prices in the system for next year as soon as possible. This guarantees good occupancy numbers in your accommodation, and it is important that guests who want to book well in advance are given the opportunity to do so. Also in the summer there are guests who want to book already for next year.
For providers of accommodation VVV Texel has put together up-to-date information that makes it easier to set rental prices. Here you can first of all find the vacation periods of this and next year in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. We can also advise you regarding splitting up the rental period for the various prices. Furthermore, there is a handy template for entering in the prices.

Do you have any questions regarding filling in the rental prices in TOR? We will be happy to help you! It is also possible for us to fill in the prices for you, at an attractive fee. Please do not hesitate to contact VVV Texel.

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