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Thanks to your efforts, there is always something to do on Texel!

Throughout the year our guests can participate in special excursions and activities or enjoy a beautiful exhibition or concert. But your activity deserves much more attention and success. We are happy to help you with extra promotion!

Sell tickets via

Via the agenda, visitors choose on the date, theme and availability of various activities and can order a ticket directly.

Selling your tickets through our site is easy. You put a description of your activity, the prices and the stock in TOR, the database behind the website of the Tourist Office.
It will then appear on our site.

You can sell tickets per day, per age category and even per time block. Adding or blocking available tickets is easy. This way you can be sure that we only offer tickets for available outings.

Good communication

Orderers pay their tickets online at the Tourist Office. They print out a personalized ticket that they use to report to you at the checkout. You will immediately receive a message from every sale. That way you know for sure which guests are coming and that they have paid us. You will receive the proceeds from the tickets sold every 2 weeks.

Powerful promotion of your event

The VVV website receives more than 3 million visits each year. That is more than 8000 Texel fans daily! Guests who have booked an accommodation through VVV will receive an email shortly before the holiday, in which we point out the possibility to order your tickets. In addition, your tickets can also be purchased in the VVV store (70,000 visitors per year).

No cure no pay

The use of the module and the promotion for your event via our website, social media and newsletters is free for you as a TOP member. You only pay the VVV 10% commission on every ticket sold.

Want to participate or know more?

Do you also want to sell your tickets via VVV? Sign up now! In consultation with you we put tickets in our system and we explain how you can manage the stock yourself.

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or call: 0222-362536
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