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Texel's Online Booking System

Throughout the entire year VVV Texel works hard to promote Texel. This is of course only possible with the support of the local council,TESO and the members of TOP. Thanks to our joint efforts, more than a million tourists from home and abroad visit our pretty island every year.

Want to participate as TOP member?

Do you have a company or accommodation on Texel? Then become a member of TOP!

The benefits of the TOP membership for you at VVV Texel

As TOP member, you can place a text, photos, a clip and the logo of your company in the company guide (Bedrijvengids) on, the popular site of VVV Texel. Your company is mentioned for free in WadsApp Texel, where only TOP members are promoted. You can put your brochures in the VVV shop for free. This is also exclusively for TOP members. When organising press trips only TOP members are listed. You can take part in the national and international campaigns of VVV Texel. If you have news about your company, please let us know. We will be happy to see whether we can include it in the newsletter that is regularly sent to the 80,000 subscribers. And this is not a complete list of all the benefits you have as a member of TOP.


You pay a membership fee to TOP. The fee depends on the nature and size of your business. Please register through this registration form (prepare form)

In the course of the years, VVV Texel has developed an efficient booking system, the Texels Online Reserveringssysteem or TOR. Members of the Texel Entrepreneurs Platform (TOP) can use TOR to enable their accommodation to be booked through our website. Businesses can also use TOR to make an effective presentation for our online company guide (bedrijvengids) or to sell tickets for events and the like.

Support with TOR

Those participating in this booking system are themselves responsible for keeping their details up to date, such as texts, prices, availability and photos. They are, however, supported in various ways by the VVV Texel staff.

Mailings and Entrepreneurs Newsletter

VVV Texel regularly informs TOT members on promotions, mailings or special arrangements. By taking part in these, entrepreneurs improve their chances for bookings or visits.

Advice and Information

Need advice or more information? Please call us on +31 (0)222-314741 or email us at
Would you like VVV Texel to maintain your details for the website in TOR, our online booking system? We are happy to do this for you at an attractive price.

Logging into TOR

Are you already a TOR user? Logging into TOR can be done via Here you fill in your username and password.

Questions about TOR?

Do you have any questions about using TOR or ideas about how to develop or improve the system?
Please feel free to contact VVV Texel via e-mail: or phone: 0222-362536

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