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Did you know that about Texel?

We're sure that you must have been on Texel at some point in your life. But what do you actually know about Texel? The most important interesting facts about Texel follow below.

Interesting facts about Texel

Texel is the biggest of the Netherlands' Wadden islands and attracts more than one million visitors every year. There's lot to tell you about Texel and you will find hundreds of pages of interesting information on our website. A number of handy interesting facts follow below.

General information about Texel

Texel is very easy to get to: it's just 60 minutes from Amsterdam and 20 minutes on the ferry
Number of residents: 13,582 (January 2016)
City rights: 1415
Number of sheep: about 9,000
Number of lambs in the spring: about 17,000
Surface area of the municipality of Texel: 58,041 hectares
Land surface area: 16,000 hectares
Texel's length: 25 km
Texel's width: 8 km
Cycle path network: 140 km
Footpath network: 225 km outside the nesting season and 140 km in the nesting season.
Length of the beach: 30 km
Surface area covered by nature reserves: 5,300 hectares (the National Park covers about 4,200 hectares. Beyond this park, the national forest service in the Netherlands (Staatsbosbeheer) and the Society for the Preservation of Nature in the Netherlands (Natuurmonumenten) manage other nature reserves too)
Number of villages: 7
Number of museums: 6
A whole range of different types of accommodation: hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes, villas, country houses, (farm) campsites, chalets, fully-furnished tents and yurts (Mongolian nomad tents).

Economy (2013), people in employment
Agriculture and fishing: 799
Industry and the construction industry: 793
Commercial services: 3,155
Non-commercial services: 1,133

Tourism (2013)
Total number of visitors: 694,847 (staying in accommodation; 38.8% of the total)
Total number of day visitors: 186,248 (day, 10.4% of the total)
Total spending on tourism (visitors staying in accommodation and day trippers): € 275,000.000 (source: The trend report on tourism, recreation and leisure, Monitor, figures from the TESO ferry service and the municipality of Texel)
Repeat visits 79%
The most important reasons for visiting the island: woodland/dunes/nature, quiet, beach, beautiful island, walking/cycling options, accessibility. The following reasons are given too: fresh air, atmosphere/friendliness, space/freedom, island feel, location/accommodation, enjoyment/relaxation, variety/so many different things to do
Origin: 62% from the Netherlands, 34% from Germany, 3% from Belgium and 1% from elsewhere
Average tourist age: 42.1
Group size (tourist): 2.88
Education (tourist): 28% MBO (senior secondary vocational education), 49% HBO (Bachelor degree education)/VWO (pre-university education)

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