Yvonne de Vroede VVV Texel

Yvonne de Vroede

What do you do at VVV Texel?

I’m the Office Manager. I take care of the secretariat, and handle complaints and evaluations. I’m also responsible for the press visits from home and abroad.

What tip do you have for Texel visitors?

I’ve worked at VVV Texel for some 15 years now, and because I don’t live on the island, I commute every day on the ferry. It’s wonderful after a day in the office to enjoy the fresh air outdoors afterwards. I always sit outside, read a book, enjoy the sunrise and watch the accompanying birds.
Now the sun has become a bit warmer again, the Panorama Deck on the ‘Dokter Wagemaker’ ferry is absolutely recommended! Apparently not everyone has discovered it yet, because you can generally sit there cosily with a splendid uninterrupted view across the Marsdiep and to Texel.
Even when it’s not sunny and there’s a sharp wind, you can always find a spot on the boat out of the wind, to enjoy the fierce waves.
For tourists the holiday often begins on the boat, and for me every day is a little bit of a holiday.

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