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Hendrien Landeweer

Hendrien Landeweer

Address details

Schilderweg 194
1791LP Den Burg
Mobile: 31653611484




Working as a sculptor on Texel: I am living my dream. I learned to walk here and kept coming, that's how it goes often ... .. I live and work on this fantastic island. I get inspiration from it and I can work on my images in peace and freedom.

My theme has been related to woman and freedom for many years: women's torsos form a large part of my work. The shape, the language and the skin fascinate me. I also focus on making images that have to do with the sea. I like clear shapes and clean lines. You can call it minimalistic figurative. My images often invite the viewer to touch, feel and cherish. Then there is contact between me and the viewer, a nice extra dimension.

I work in wood and in stone (alabaster, serpentine, marble and granite), both challenging materials. You cannot impose your will (= your plan or design) on it. You almost always come for surprises and you have to adjust your plan. I research special wood finishes and like to work with other materials such as metal, plastic, plaster or wool and like to combine.

My sources of inspiration are Brancusi, Barbara Hepworth, Ewalt Mataré, Jan Pater and the modern northern Italian wood carvers such as Aron Demetz.

I am a member of the artists' associations Zout (Texel) and Artes (Bussum)

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