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Kunstenaar(ZOUTTEXEL.NL) - Pieternel Geurtz

Kunstenaar(ZOUTTEXEL.NL) - Pieternel Geurtz

Address details

Elemert 16
1791 DD Den Burg
Telephone: +31638749013




Pieternel Geurtz is not only an artist but also master of arts & visual design / education. She has lived on Texel since 1984 and was a Drawing / Art & Culture teacher at the De Hogeberg school community in Den Burg until 2010. She is a member of the artists' association Zout and, since 1 October 2013, founder and co-board member of Stichting Creatief Texel. She is a writer and designer of Boris Diaries and other, educational, smaller books about Boris the tortoise. Pieternel often paints on the Texel beach, but also makes other work such as photography and graphic designs. She also lovingly sculpts small figurines and draws poppies from one line on strips. She has her own mini gallery at home, Gallery P. Opening time is Thursday 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM. Or by appointment via email or telephone.,

Please change telephone number to: 06 38749013

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