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Strandpaviljoen Vijftien & Gastropaviljoen XV

Strandpaviljoen Vijftien & Gastropaviljoen XV

Address details

Westerslag 4
1791 PP Den Burg
Telephone: 0222-314847
Mobile: +31620740793




Beach pavilion

The lively Strandpaviljoen Vijftien is beautifully situated on Texel. Within just a few minutes of the forest you’re on one of the Netherlands’ loveliest beaches. The parking area below the beach access has plenty of parking bays, but it’s also easy to reach the pavilion by bike or public transport.

Strandpaviljoen Vijftien is a welcoming restaurant on Texel’s beach. The pavilion is situated at milepost 15 (Westerslag) and has good access either by bike or car. Come and enjoy our refreshing drinks, snacks, lunch menus and dinner specialities. Feel the wind through your hair and listen to the calming sounds of the sea. Unwind and clear your mind – that’s Strandpaviljoen Vijftien. 


For ultimate enjoyment step out onto the Strandpaviljoen Vijftien’s patio. Just a few steps and your feet are in the soft sand, or head for a cooler paddle in the splendid blue sea.

Warm and cosy

If the weather’s not too great? Then of course you can enjoy lunch, refreshments or dinner in our pavilion. Inside there’s a warm, convivial and casual ambience. Come and enjoy and be amazed at the brilliant view and the breathtakingly-beautiful sunsets. Our pavilion is also suitable for parties or groups.


Curious about our scrumptious dishes and/or snacks? Then sneak a quick advance look at our varied menu! 

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