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Stokerij Texel

Stokerij Texel

Address details

Slotskolk 22C
1794 BG Oosterend
Telephone: 0222-760150
Mobile: +31622239262




Stokerij Texel was founded in 2016 by Jaco Spek and Kees Groenewoud. Both share the passion for the sea, Texel and the wad and for producing and consuming honest local products.

In addition to the TX Gin and TX Vodka, the distillery also produces Scheepsbitter, Ocean Aged Gin and various other beverages.

Since 2018 Stokerij Texel has also had a brewery: Brouwerij TX. Here the beers TX Donkerblond, TX Hopblond, TX White and TX Bock and various specials are brewed.

All drinks from Stokerij Texel and Brouwerij TX are made on Texel and derive their taste from the island.

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