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Wijnhuis Texel

Wijnhuis Texel

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Kerkstraat 11
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Oosterend Wine Vault

Oosterend Wine Vault, a manufacturer of wines and spirits, is located in a charming historic Texel village and heritage site. In the large cellar, which measures 120 m², of the authentic and characteristic Texel house in the middle of Oosterend, over twenty-eight different and unique Texel liquors are produced in-house.

The building, dating from around 1650, was built as a house for the sexton but has had a variety of residents since then, including sea captains, fishermen, coppersmiths, merchants and even an oil trader. The house was completely renovated in 1965 under the supervision of the Preservation and Restoration of Monuments and Sites Authority, after which the wine vault moved into the premises.

Oosterend Wine Vault’s range: We market a number of herbal bitters we produce ourselves, including a herbal liquor that has been gently infused with caramel. It’s called "Strender Stropertje". Then there’s the full-bodied “Texel NX”, a liquor for when you don’t want ANYTHING, the "Texel Walk on the Beach" based on rum and packaged as a lovely gift and "Gortbuker", made from medicinal herbs.

Our selection of over twenty different liquors is quite impressive too, and all made from pure, natural ingredients.

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