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De Texelse Makelaars

De Texelse Makelaars

Address details

Bernhardlaan 182
Telephone: +31222313555




The oldest NVM Real Estate Agency on the beautiful island of Texel, better known as 'De Texelse Makelaars', has 3 real estate agents / appraisers.

Mr. P.J. (Paul) van Heerwaarden is the director, he is sworn in NVM-Broker, member of the NVM-business department, Register appraiser and authorized to do WOZ appraisals.

Specialism: Commercial Real Estate, Recreational, Tax appraisals, Financing appraisals and WOZ appraisals. TMI-certified, accredited to perform appraisals of real estate linked to exploitation for FGH.

Mr. J.A. (Hans) van Es is a sworn NVM broker and registered appraiser.

Specialism: Housing, Recreational and Financing Appraisals (NWWI).

Mr. J.K.C. (Koen) van der Slikke is a sworn NVM broker, Register appraiser and authorized to appraise company real estate.

Specialime: Living, Recreational, BOG (commercial real estate) and Financing appraisals (NWWI)

The De Texelse Makelaars office is located at Bernhardlaan 182 in Den Burg-Texel.

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