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Joni Mitchell Tribute concert

Singer Lauri Brons, with her rich international experience, brings together with guitarist Dick Groot all songs of the acclaimed vinyl BLUE from 1971 by Joni Mitchell. This album still ranks thirtieth in the 500 Greatest Albums of All Times. What can you expect? Beautiful songs, intriguing stories about the legendary Joni and musical trips that have everything to do with her eventful life, in the color blue, close by. A unique concert!

Lauri: “My parents had the album BLUE. I thought it was so special, even as a teenager. At first it was mainly her music, later more and more the openness and vulnerability of Joni's lyrics. ”

Lauri's cradle has been on Texel, where she also spent her childhood. She started piano and guitar lessons at a young age. At the age of seventeen she exchanges the rustic Wadden Island for the city of Tilburg. There she obtained her bachelor's degree in Musical Theater at the dance academy and, because she likes to go deeper, she follows a Master of Music at the conservatory with a specialization in Music Theater in Singing. After several performances in the Netherlands, Germany also comes into the picture. There she plays the leading role Christine in The Phantom of the Opera as a 23-year-old with a big impact on the audience.

In addition to music, Lauri has also studied yoga. Before that she stayed in Nepal for quite some time. Awareness and making connections are powers from yoga, which she likes to take to her performances. In this way she strengthens the connection. She loves her audience and knows how to get close and share with vocals.

From a very young age, Dick has been active in music and has become an all-round musician: drummer, guitarist, bassist and singer / songwriter. He performs with musicals, in bands and as a musical duo with repertoire of, among others, Simon & Garfunkel, Herman van Veen & Harry Saksioni. He writes choir parts and new pieces of music for a theater company. Music really is everything to him. At home he has a rehearsal room set up to follow his passion: music, with a focus on guitar arrangements and his own work.

Dick: “What have I mistaken for the work of Joni Mitchell. It is much more difficult than you would initially think. Joni uses a different guitar mood for each song and her rhythms are often unique, organically harmonizing with her vocals, but go ahead. Beautiful to do, a real challenge! ”

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