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Maarten Dijker Paddestoelenkwekerij&Tuin

Maarten Dijker Paddestoelenkwekerij&Tuin

Address details

Hoornderweg 16
Telephone: +31648630343




Maarten Dijker’s Mushroom Farm

The Texel Mushroom Farm is committed to growing mushrooms by traditional methods.

Farmer Maarten Dijker has made an in-depth study of the cultivation process and started growing shiitake mushrooms in 2008 – he now sells them to renowned restaurants on and off Texel.

Straw beds: the edible mushrooms are grown on straw beds, in a closed room that is kept at a constant temperature. The mycelium (shiitake spawn) branches out and the fungus draws its nutrition from the “straw beds” which are composed of sawdust, etc. The shiitake are fully grown after about fifteen weeks and are harvested by hand by cutting the mushrooms from the stems. Shiitake mushrooms are available all year round and can be used either fresh or as dried.

Sales: The Texel Mushroom Farm delivers to restaurants, wholesale businesses (wholefood sellers) and private consumers. The shiitake are available in cartons from 100 grams. More and more restaurants are discovering the shiitake’s versatility and are putting dishes with this ingredient on the menu.


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