Schapen in de sneeuw op de Hoge Berg VVV Texel

Don’t sheep ever get cold?

Texel is a real sheep-farming island; it has more sheep than people! The ‘Texelaar’ is the most popular sheep in the Netherlands. During holiday on Texel you’ll come across lambs and sheep everywhere.

Sheep in the meadow

Have you ever wondered whether sheep don’t get cold if they’re also out in the meadows over winter? The Texel sheep is a master at defying the elements. The thick fleece keeps the sheep at just the right temperature. The farmer comes by at least once a day to check and feed the sheep. That also keeps them nicely warm.

Sheep on the bed

The Texelaar produces wonderful wool. Sleeping under a real Texel sheep’s-wool duvet is a pleasure; beautifully warm in winter, cool in summer. The Texel wool factory is on the dyke in Oudeschild harbour, and sells a high-quality collection of duvets, pillows and underblankets.

Cuddling sheep

Who wouldn’t want to cuddle such a soft little white lamb? You can do it at Texel’s ‘Schapenboerderij’ or sheep farm. Most of the year it’s here that you’ll find the most lovable little lambs which enjoy being stroked and cuddled.

Sheep on the market

The Texel sheep market is held once a year during ‘Schapenfokdag’ or sheep-breeding day, on the first Monday in September. Farmers from home and abroad congregate on the ‘Groeneplaats’ in the centre of Den Burg to buy livestock.

Sheep in the shops

In the VVV Texel shop you can buy the nicest sheep souvenirs.

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