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In case of emergency

In case of emergency, illness or calamities, it is good to know that the Texel emergency services are ready to help you. The most important information is listed here:

Ambulance on Texel

For life-threatening situations, call 112. When an ambulance is on the way, the ferry waits to depart from Texel. Thanks to great collaboration between the emergency services and TESO, transport of the sick doesn’t take any longer than in the rest of the Netherlands.

Family doctors on Texel

Most of Texel's family doctors have a practice in Den Burg. There is also a general practitioner's practice in De Cocksdorp. For non-life threatening situations you can visit a doctor during office hours or call for an appointment. If you need GP care as a tourist, always call the following number first:

  • On working days 8.00 - 17.00: 0222-338900, you will be referred to the correct GP practice.
  • In the evening, night and weekend hours and on public holidays: 0222-321143, you will be referred to the general practitioners (emergency) post.

Midwives on Texel

Texel has its own midwifery practice. You can contact Verloskundingenpraktijk Texel [Texel Midwifery Practice] on telephone number +31 (0) 222 313090.

Police on Texel

The police station is situated in Pontweg 104 in Den Burg. For emergencies, call 112. No emergency but you still need the police? Call 0900-8844 (only Dutch number). Crimes can be reported at the station during opening hours from Monday to Friday incl. from 9:00 to 12:00. Or fill out a form.
Have you found an ID card or an object that you suspect may have been stolen? You can also hand these in to the police. All other found objects should be handed in to the municipality.

Fire service on Texel

The fire station is situated next to the police station in Pontweg 102 Den Burg. Always call 112 for emergencies.

Dentists on Texel

Need a dentist? There are several dental practices. You can find an overview in the Company Guide.

Pharmacy on Texel

The pharmacy is situated in Weverstraat 95 in Den Burg. Pop into the pharmacy for remedies, dressings, as well as prescription and non-prescription medicines. Tel. +31 (0) 222 312112 or visit

Loan of nursing equipment

At the home care shop, you can borrow, hire or buy daily living aids and nursing equipment. Here, you can also borrow a stretcher with big wheels for recreational use. For more information, visit Kruiswerkgebouw, Schoonoordsingel 44 in Den Burg between 1 and 2 pm, call +31 (0) 222 314887.

Nursing and personal care

On Texel, guests with a physical disability can organise their holiday according to their needs; you can indicate in which period and at what time you require help. Care providers are also available to assist you in unforeseen situations and care requests. You can request nursing and personal care via:

  • Omring Thuiszorg Texel +31 (0) 88 2068910
  • Liever Langer Thuis, telephone: +31 (0) 222 314 928

Special accommodation

People who require a lot of care during their holiday can even be offered accommodation and care at one of the care homes or at Verpleeghuis Hollewal of Stichting Zorgcentrum Texel, tel. +31 (0) 222 363200.

Hospital on Texel

Texel doesn’t have its own hospital. All accidents and emergencies or fractures, for instance, are dealt with at the hospital in Den Helder. Transport to the hospital is guaranteed day and night. When an ambulance in on the way, the ferry will wait to depart. An extra ferry is operated when there is an emergency at night.

Noordwest Ziekenhuisgroep, location Den Helder
Huisduinerweg 3 1780 AT Den Helder
Telephone: +31 (0) 223 696969

Dialysis centre Texel

Dialysis patients can also enjoy a holiday on Texel. Medisch Centrum Alkmaar set up a holiday dialysis centre in Oosterend.

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