Slimme straatverlichting op Texel VVV Texel

Smart lighting on Texel

The Dutch government has decided that the Netherlands will reduce its carbon emissions to zero by 2050 in order to combat global warming. And yet, all of us are using more and more energy while the country’s gas supplies are running out. This means we have to start generating energy in an environmentally friendly way and use less energy where possible.

LED lights on the island

Texel is happy to lead the way when it comes to smart energy use. Since the summer of 2016, all public lighting on the island has been renewed. As part of the ‘Slim verlicht’ (Smartly lit) project all street lights on the island have been fitted with sustainable LED lights. This makes Texel the first municipality in the Netherlands to make use of these energy-efficient lights in all public lighting.

An energy saving of almost 70%

The use of LED lights ensures that only a third of electricity is consumed compared to the old installation. What’s more, this energy is generated by solar panels situated on a solar farm along Pontweg. The new LED lighting also comes with smart operation. In residential streets, the light intensity is halved around 23:00 and lights are turned off completely at night.

Stargazing on Texel

When you go outside on a clear night on Texel, you will instantly notice that … the sky is full of stars. The visibility of the night sky depends on ‘light pollution’ on earth. Smart lighting ensures that you can now count even more stars during your next holiday on Texel!

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