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Texel's municipal services

Texel is an independent municipality in the province of North Holland with about 14,000 inhabitants. Texel's surface area makes it the biggest municipality in the Netherlands. The town hall can be found at the 'residence' on the Emmalaan in Den Burg, the biggest village on the island. The municipality provides various general services that you might encounter or benefit from as a guest, whether now or in the future.

Getting married on Texel

Would you like to get married on Texel or register a partnership? If so, we recommend that you notify the municipality of your proposed marriage or partnership and reserve a marriage date. Various marriage locations are possible on Texel. For example, you could get married in a sheep hut, a church, a beach pavilion or the town hall. You could also choose to get married at a so-called free-choice location, which is possible provided it's accessible to the public and complies with certain rules. See the Directory for an overview of businesses in the wedding industry.

Living on Texel

Have you fallen in love with the island and want to come here to live? Any of the estate agents on the island will be pleased to discuss your wishes with you and help you find your perfect home. See the Directory for an overview of estate agents on Texel.

Working on Texel

Are you looking for a job? What are you looking for? Full-time, part-time, permanent or temporary work? Or are you looking for a holiday job - starting now or in the near future? For vacancies on Texel, see: the municipality of Texel or the Texelse Courant.

Household rubbish collections

Rubbish is collected across the island on a weekly basis. The grey household rubbish containers are emptied in even-numbered weeks, while the green organic waste containers are emptied in uneven-numbered weeks. The municipality of Texel operates fixed rubbish collection routes. Please note that it is also possible to arrange to have bulky waste collected free of charge: this happens on Wednesdays. If you have any other questions, please contact the municipality's public counter on +31 (0)222-362121.

Churches on Texel

Various religious communities practise their faith on Texel in weekly or regular church services.

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