Corona measures on Texel

Library on Texel

Love reading but never seem to get around to it? You are not alone. Holidays are the perfect time to pick up a good book and escape into another world. A captivating story, a nice little drink and nothing else to worry about …Heaven!

Reading on Texel

Will you be visiting Texel soon and do you want to enjoy a good book? You can use Texel’s library in Den Burg. Foreign visitors can borrow books by purchasing a monthly subscription at EUR 15 (EUR 10 deposit and EUR 5 borrowing fee). Alternatively, you can choose your next read on Texel among the latest releases sold at Primera Mets in De Koog or Nauta Boek in Den Burg. Or just pop into the VVV tourist information office. We sell a variety of wonderful books on Texel in our shop.

Minibieb on Texel

You will come across them all over the island. Small bookcases filled with books. By the roadside or in the front garden of a house. Minibiebs are mini-libraries where you can borrow or swap a book for free. The mini-library stands or falls on ‘good faith’ from the users. On Texel, this faith is justified because these mini-libraries are always stocked nicely with great reads!

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