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Our waits were filled.....

Our waits were filled, so much by the nature, the diversity of the landscapes (we would imagine in the Scotland sometimes especially with the Scottish cows), the free sheeps by place, fauna, flora, the possibility of cycling with your magnificent bicycle paths which we do not have in France which offered a big freedom of movement to our children (19, 17 and 11 years old), the cleanliness of the island and the care brought to the property generally, beaches and also the kindness generally storekeepers, among whom some use the dialogue in French and as well the fact as at no time we felt cramped, or too much became populated. Compte-tenu of the price, the campsite was completed and clean, the very present hostess and her very nice husband, their very present cats in our tent (we have 4 of it at home). We shall recommend this destination and regret that French are not more interested by it (crossed it twice only), the varied shopping and always sale in this period, even if we are not big consumers, filled up with shoes, the animation to Den Burg, and surprising thing, the food was not expensive than at our home who live near Paris (5 km Disneyland). Let us regret the wind in the nose in bike but nothing is perfect. Shoot attractive photos. I just regretted not having been able to visit a beautiful garden. Completed on day in Amsterdam for the children. Cordially. Difficult for me to answer to the enquiries, a lot of things to say. De Hooge Kamp is perfect. Cordially. Florence Cohic

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