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Beach Festival SunBeats

4 July 2019

This year sees the 16th edition of SunBeats, Texel’s leading dance festival.

Dance and lounge

Come and dance the night away, under the stars and barefoot in the sand, on Saturday 13 July at SunBeats on the beach at Paal 17. For 16 years, SunBeats has been the place to be for dance music fans.

The DJ line-up is impressive, with greats like Roger Sanchez, Housequake, Soulvation, Gio Goose and Dina van Diest at the turntables. The fantastic sound will be reinforced with spectacular light shows.

Relax and catch your breath

The day after SunBeats, you can catch your breath and relax in the sun at Paal 17 – just lie back and enjoy the beach.

The ticket sales have opened, so for more information and tickets, visit the SunBeats website.


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