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Come exploring with our forest ranger!

18 April 2019

Texel is certainly worth exploring in the spring too. You’ll enjoy Texel’s special natural wildlife areas even more if you go on an excursion with our forest ranger who can tell you all about it. The excursion also takes you to places that are otherwise closed off.

Nature excursions this spring

Spring brings nature back to life. It is the perfect time of year to discover Texel’s beautiful flora and fauna. Listed below are a few excursions you may enjoy:

Bird colonies of De Geul

During this excursion, the forester of Staatsbosbeheer takes you through the breeding grounds of the birds that can be found in this nature reserve. Who knows, you may even spot a spoonbill!

Hiking in De Slufter

The ranger of Staatsbosbeheer takes you through the rest- and breeding area of De Slufter. He will gladly tell you about the history of the area and will introduce you to silver plants such as sea lily and lamb tree.

Discover the gull colony    

The ultimateopportunity to discover the gull colony of National Park Dunes of Texel.  This is the only time you are allowed to come here! Discover more about the gulls and their habitat.

Visit De Schorren

With this tour of Natuurmonumenten the ranger takes you to the Wad. In De Schorren you can see the saline-loving plants and various birds that live in this nature reserve.

Blommen en feugels kieken (Flower and birdwatching)

Or you could join the forester to explore Texel nature in Waalenburg. During the breeding season (May, June, July), you can only visit Waalenburg with the forester. 

You can book the wildlife excursions via Ecomare.


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