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Crash course in ‘Tessels’

29 August 2018

Do you feel quite at home on the island now? Then perhaps you’d enjoy learning a few frequently-used Dutch and ‘Tesselse’ words. Because it won’t surprise you that this very precocious island has its own dialect.

‘Tesselse’ words:

Nol = dune
One example is Fonteinsnol (literally: fountain dune): the dune where there used to be a water source. The dune now has a watchtower offering a splendid view over a large part of the island. You’ll find the dune in De Dennen forest near De Koog.

Tessel = Texel
In the name Texel, locals pronounce the x as an s. Except for formal occasions, such as being interviewed on TV. Then they suddenly feel obliged to say Texel ‘properly’ with an x.

Skéép = sheep
For foreigners, this word is certainly a lot easier to pronounce than the Dutch ‘schaap’!

The same applies to:
Boohskippe = ‘boodschappen’ in Dutch, or shopping. ‘Om een boohskip gaan’: to go shopping.

De overkant = the other side: the mainland, the rest of the Netherlands.

Koppiestiêd = coffee time
Literally: cups time.

Met smaak = ‘eet smakelijk’ in Dutch, or bon appetit / enjoy your meal.
Literally: with enjoyment.

Eendekukeltjesweer = wonderfully mild spring weather without wind.
Literally eendenkuikenweer: nice weather for ducklings.

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