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Dog-friendly Texel

3 January 2019

Texel is a perfect destination for dogs. Not only are dogs allowed to run off leash in many places on the beach and in the woods, the island also provides a wide range of other facilities. From workshops with a dog trainer, special bicycle trailers to a unique dog wash or ‘dog car wash’.

Walking with your dog

In most of Texel, dogs are allowed to run off leash, with the exception of nature reserves and lifeguarded parts of the beach in the summer. For more information about this, go to the page for dog owners. Or download our dog flyer for free.

Cycling with your dog

But Texel has so much more to offer dog owners. At ‘Fietsen op’, you can hire bikes with dog trailers and baskets from places like Kooiman Tweewielers and Rijwielverhuur Veerhaven Texel. So your dog can simply come along as you explore the most beautiful spots on Texel by bike. You can find the addresses of all bike hire shops in the Company directory.

Freshly washed

On dog-friendly Texel, you can also wash your dog at the ‘dog car wash’ at Holiday Park De Krim or at Duinpark De Robbenjager in De Cocksdorp. Has your dog had a swim in the sea or rolled around in the mud in the woods? Your four-legged friend will come out of the dog wash sparkling clean.

Dog-friendly accommodation

Finally, there are lots of holiday parks, campsites, hotels, restaurants and beach pavilions on Texel where your dog is more than welcome. Some accommodation providers even allow you to bring more than one dog. But do always let your accommodation provider know when booking that you want to bring your pet.

In our extensive range of accommodation, you will find a large number of dog-friendly accommodation options. Select your accommodation type and search under ‘pets’.

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