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Enjoy the fresh air on Texel

30 September 2019

Autumn and winter are perhaps the most beautiful times of the year for many people who love Texel. The beaches on Texel are quiet and what could be better than enjoying a long walk on the beach or through the dunes and then heading off to a beach pavilion to relax in front of a fire with a hot chocolate or Texel bock beer?

Walking in the wind

From September onwards, bigger atmospheric differences are evident in high and low-pressure areas. The wind gets trapped between these areas and starts to pick up speed – especially in coastal areas.
Although storms can become increasingly more severe from the end of October, Texel usually experiences its heaviest storms in January. Did you know that, here in the Netherlands, we define a storm as a situation where the wind is blowing at a minimum of 75 kilometres an hour for a minimum of 10 minutes? This is the equivalent of wind force 9 on the Beaufort Scale! A storm of wind force 10 or more is very rare in the Netherlands.

Visit Texel and relax

Are you thinking about coming along to Texel to enjoy the fresh air there this autumn or winter? Can you imagine yourself walking into the wind, dressed in a cosy, thick winter jumper or falling asleep listening to the wind whistling around your holiday home or hotel?

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