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Lekker’s Top 500 of 2018

21 November 2017

Four of Texel’s restaurants – no less – are listed in Lekker’s Top 500 of 2018! Lekker is the Netherlands’ most well-known restaurant guide. We’re delighted to report that the amazing culinary performances of Bij Jef, ’t Pakhuus, Bosq and Vincent Eilandkeuken are recognised beyond Texel too.

Gradually, Bij Jef in Den Hoorn is making its way up the ranks to the highest levels of the Top 500: this year, head chef Jef Schuur’s restaurant climbed from 46 to 43. According to the jury, its “guests sample the very best Texel has to offer”. Bij Jef is has been the proud owner of a Michelin star since 2009. In fact, it’s the only restaurant on the Wadden Sea islands to have this award.

Seafood restaurant ’t Pakhuus in Oudeschild is new to Lekker’s Top 500. Lekker greets this restaurant in Texel’s fishing port, which belongs to rising star Boy Schuiling, with the words: “Texel has acquired a culinary gem”.

Bosq is another newcomer to Lekker’s 500. This restaurant, situated on the edge of De Dennen, serves local produce with a southern twist.

Vincent Eilandkeuken has moved from De Dennen to beautiful new premises in Den Burg’s gourmet heart, Gravenstraat, and has extended its mention Lekker’s Top 500. As its name, “island kitchen” implies, you will be treated to local Texel products at this restaurant.

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