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Nacht van de Nacht on Texel

15 October 2019

Texel still has real dark skies. This makes it a fantastic location for Nacht van de Nacht, a night sky event to raise light pollution awareness, which this year takes place on Saturday 26 October. On this night, there are lots of fun, special activities being organised on the island. 

Nacht van de Nacht

Lighthouse by night

Once a year, during the Night of the Night, the tower is open in the evening. From the Texel lighthouse, you can see the lighthouses of Den Helder, Vlieland and Terschelling, as well as the lights scattered across the horizon of ships at sea. Time: 7 – 10 pm. Admission: €4.50, includes return admission for the following day.

Night sky view from the church tower

The night sky view from the church tower in Den Burg is simply breathtaking. From the tower you have a special view of Den Burg at night and the starry sky. Time: 7.30 – 9 pm. Admission: €2, for the benefit of the church.

To the sheep

IVN Strunderkids organizes the children's activity 'For sleeping to the sheep'. With sheep shepherd Daphne, children and their parents / guardians go looking for the sheep in De Slufter. Start time: 6.15 pm at the bird watcher's house in the dunes at the end of the Oorsprongweg. The activity takes one to one and a half hours. Prior registration is necessary and can be done via

Stargazing at the observatory

Come have a look through a telescope at the observatory next to Ecomare! In cloudy weather there is a planetarium show. Start: 7:30 pm. More information via or call +31653340063. Free admission.


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