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New website for VVV Texel

14 April 2016

The VVV Texel website attracts huge numbers of visitors. In 2015, over 21 million pages on - the website of the largest island off the Dutch coast - were visited by 1.7 million people. Together, these website visitors accounted for more than 20,000 bookings for accommodation and events on the island.

After more than 10 years in its current format however, the website was due for a major revamp. On the new site there is more space for photos, videos and stories from visitors and residents on Texel. The site has been designed to reflect VVV Texel's new house style. The house style uses the four colours of the island and the diagonal lines (at an angle of 35 degrees) are an abstract reference to the shape of the island.

Over 50% of visits via mobile phone

There's a pretty good chance you'll view the VVV Texel site on a mobile device. In 2015, over 50% of visits to the site were made via a smartphone or tablet. One thing you'll notice - even on a smaller mobile screen - is that the texts and images on the new VVV Texel site can be easily read, without zooming in or shifting the content about.

Optimum user experience

This is no coincidence. VVV Texel has decided to design the site so it is 'responsive'. As a result, we aim to bring about the very best in user experience. The layout and the content of the new site have been designed to take into account the available space on the screen. In this way, user experience is adapted to the device being used to view

The advantages of responsive design

The responsive design on the new website enables us to serve our visitors even more effectively. Our new website therefore has a number of major advantages:
1. Easy navigation: the new site switches effortlessly between the use of a mouse and touch screen.
2. Legibility: text and images scale up and scale down according to the size of the screen
3. Data usage: no large files need to be downloaded when you view the site on your mobile.
4. Speed: the new site is faster than ever, even when the internet connection is not ideal.
5. Content: the content is compact and the booking procedure and forms simplified

Speed and convenience, those are the keywords for VVV Texel's new responsive website!

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