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New wildlife areas on Texel

7 June 2018

New nature reserve on Texel

Last year, Texel acquired a new nature reserve: Oude Sluishoek. This former stretch of grassland is situated at the ‘bird boulevard’ along the Waddenzee, near the Dijkmanshuizen pumping station.

A large numbers of summer seabirds already used these tiny islands of shells to breed, including common terns, ringed plovers and avocets. The Waddenzee dike offers plenty of good vantage points for watching life in these colonies. This area contains both fresh water and saltwater, which is ideal for orchids and coastal plants such as samphire and sea aster.

More new wildlife areas

It's already possible to use the cycle path through the new wildlife area of De Haneplas. The official openig of this area will be on Friday 15 June. Leading along the remains of a wadkreek (a creek though the mudflats), it will connect Postweg with De Slufter, offering a cycle ride through meadows of flowers, stretches of reeds and a designated meadow for raptors.

National forestry organisation Staatsbosbeheer recently created a nature reserve, Dorpzicht, close to De Cocksdorp, which features a 5-km circular walk that takes you past the village and holiday park De Krim.

Another wildlife association, nature conservation organisation Natuurmonumenten, has expanded the Waalenburg nature reserve in De Waal, which is a paradise for orchids and meadow birds, with the bird hide providing a great birdwatching spot. You can go for walks, bike rides or join an excursion here.

Natuurmonumenten created some additional small nature reserves along the bird boulevard: Nieuw Buitenheim and De Bemes. These have car parks, information boards, a pedestrian trail, a bird-watching screen and a bird hide that are open to the public. Nature reserve De Bol will be ready in the fall of 2018.

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