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Explore Texel with the children this autumn

9 October 2019

Are you and the family visiting Texel this autumn? Would you like to feel the wind in your hair as you walk along the beach, hunt for mushrooms in the woods or visit some of Texel’s museums? We have listed the most exciting excursions for you here!

The best autumtips for children

Stargazing at the observatory
Come and admire the night sky on Texel! On the island, the nights are really dark so the stars are even more fascinating! In the autumn, the observatory at Ecomare regularly holds observing evenings. Please put your name to ensure a place.

Flora, the beach-combing and maritime museum 
Come exploring at Flora! A thrilling treasure hunt leads you through all the wonderful washed-up curiosities. In the autumn holidays, this museum hosts special days for children featuring face-painting and games — you can even create your own work of art with booty from the beach!

To the top of the lighthouse
Why not take a walk along the wide expanses of beach and feel the wind in your hair, then climb all the stairs of the lighthouse at Texel’s most northerly point? Once you’ve reached the top, you will have the most wonderful views across the North Sea, Vlieland, the Wadden Sea and of Texel itself. If the weather’s not very clear, you’ll find there’s plenty to see inside the lighthouse too!

Indoor playground
De Krim Holiday Park features Texel’s largest indoor playground, with trampolines, climbing frames, jungle gyms and slides. This children’s playtime paradise is suitable for kids aged two till twelve.

Visit Ecomare
The season is not actually important for a trip to Ecomare, where you can watch seals, porpoises and all sorts of other marine animals at any time of year. The new Biofilm exhibition is also fun for children. Enter the world of invisible creatures that make all other life possible on land and in the sea, get to know the microbes of the mudflats. This exhibiton is runs till the Dutch autumn holiday.

Museum Kaap Skil
Inside and out, Kaap Skil is guaranteed to entertain the whole family! This museum with a focus on beach-combers and mariners has a children’s treasure hunt. In addition, the current exhibitions such as "Showpiece from the Palmhoutwrak" and "Van wier tot where" are also worth a visit. Kaap Skil’s autumn-holiday programme is brimming with stories and demonstrations. Children can get to work sewing a ship’s flag, create art from sacking and craft knot-work.


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