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Running on Texel

11 March 2020

On Texel, many sporty runners can be seen out running on the beach, in the woods or through the polder all year round. And while there are lots of opportunities on Texel to enjoy a great run by yourself, you also have the option to take part in one of the bigger running events.

Running events on Texel

On Texel, various running events are organised throughout the year. Below, we have listed the biggest events:

Half marathon

The Texel Half Marathon is organised every year in September. The Half Marathon is known for its special start from the ferry. This race is popular with hundreds of runners. Besides the half marathon, there is also a 6k and a 10k race.


Held every year in February, TexelTrail is a challenging trail run through the rugged dunes of Texel. This track along mostly unpaved trails, takes you across a terrain of sand, grass and mud. 

Half Marathon of De Waal

The Half Marathon of De Waal takes place in March. This race over 6k, 10k or 21.1k takes participants along the most beautiful paths across the polder area around the hamlet of De Waal. This fun, small-scale race is fast gaining popularity with participants. 

Zestig van Texel

Last but not least, a much anticipated annual event among experienced runners: the Zestig van Texel, the Texel Sixty. This is a chance for so-called ultra-runners to compete against themselves and each other over a 60k and even 120k (!) race across the island. The best ultra-runners are capable of completing the 120k in less than 10 hours. 

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