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Second Texel Culture Night in De Waal

3 December 2018

On Saturday 9 February, De Waal will be hosting the second edition of Texel Culture Night.

Texelse culture

In the beginning of 2019, Texel Culture Night will be putting the spotlight on Texel’s rich cultural offerings. With music, dance, art, history and a taster of Texel’s cultural events being offered in a variety of atmospheric settings as part of Texel Culture Night.

De Waal

The first edition took place in Oudeschild. In 2019, Oudeschild will be passing the baton to the smallest village on Texel, De Waal. The second Texel Culture Night will be organised in and around De Wielewaal community centre, the church, Hotel de Waal, Museum Waelstee and Hotel Brasserie Rebecca. The locations will be open to the public from 20:00 to 01:00. Entry is free and there will be cultural activities for both young and old to enjoy.

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