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Texel’s beach cafés in winter

25 January 2018

Many of the beach cafés along the Dutch coast are pulled down in October and rebuilt again on the same spot by their proprietors in early spring. It’s quite a tough job, often born of necessity: the risk of flooding in the winter is too great at some places on the beach. Another reason is that some beach cafés are too isolated to expect many guests on cold winter days. Nonetheless, there are some beach cafés that remain open all year round.

Which of Texel’s beach cafés stay open all year round?

On Texel, the majority of the beach cafés are open all year round, guaranteeing you a lovely mug of hot chocolate or convivial meal in a cosy beach café after a wintry walk along the beach.

We have listed the winter beach cafés for you here.

Pole 33

The views from Kaap Noord beach café on the “Vlieland Boulevard”, close to the lighthouse, are exceptional, even by Texel’s standards. Come and enjoy Kaap Noord’s informal atmosphere and delicious food!

Pole 28

This amazing beach café is located among the dunes between the wildlife area of De Slufter and the Manden Valley. Try the marvellous meat and fish dishes at this welcoming restaurant!

Pole 17

This fantastic café, which has a log fire, is situated on the beach close to De Koog at Pole 17. Come and feel the wind in your hair, read the paper, sunbathe, enjoy water sports, party, dine, barbecue, marry or strut your stuff. Beach café Paal 17 Aan Zee open daily, all year round. And what’s more, this café is one of Texel’s official marriage venues.

Pole 9

Beach café Paal 9, hidden among Texel’s dunes not far from the picturesque village of Den Hoorn, is built of wood. The menu is varied and will tempt people of all ages. 

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