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Texel bucket list

20 December 2018

Have you already experienced the real Texel? We’ve drawn up the Texel bucket list for 2019 specially for you – from parachute-jumping and cuddling lambs to tasting Texel beer.

Here’s a list to tick off:

ˆ        Take a selfie at the lighthouse

ˆ        Cuddle lambs at Texel’s sheep farm

ˆ        Wander along De Slufter

ˆ        Enjoy the art during June’s extended month of culture

ˆ        Cycle the 100-kilometre MTB route

ˆ        Pick your own fruit, vegetables and flowers in the Zelfpluktuin

ˆ        Photograph the little church in Den Hoorn

ˆ        Head for Round Texel to visit Texel and the new WAVES festival

ˆ        Taste Texel cheese at the Wezenspyk cheese farm

ˆ        Visit all of Texel’s nature reserves

ˆ        Collect oysters yourself along the Waddenzee dyke

ˆ        Go aboard a Texel cutter to walk the seabed at low tide

ˆ        Climb the 118 steps of the lighthouse

ˆ        Spot seals in the wild

ˆ        Taste Texel beer

ˆ        Visit all the Texel markets on the island

ˆ        Parachute-jump

ˆ        Try all Texel’s drinks

ˆ        Run Texel’s Half Marathon (or you can just watch it)!

ˆ        Spot around 390 different bird types

ˆ        Eat fresh fish in Oudeschild’s harbour

ˆ        Swing during the Texel Blues Festival

ˆ        Know all the flavours of the Larbora ice cream farm by heart

ˆ        Take a catamaran-sailing lesson

ˆ        Taste delicious dishes at Texel Culinair

ˆ        Go beachcombing on the beach 

ˆ        Visit Texel’s new nature reserve

ˆ        Enjoy Woolness at Boutique Hotel Texel

ˆ        Book your next visit through VVV Texel

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