Corona measures on Texel

The lamb webcam

4 March 2020

On Texel, the sheep island, lambing recently started, and approximately 20,000 lambs will be born in the next few weeks. The touching scenes of this baby-boom are no longer the exclusive preserve of Texel residents: they can now be followed live by everyone via webcam in the stalls of Schapenboerderij Texel.

Back to the pasture

The lambs will only stay with their mothers in a separate pen in the stall for a few days, because sheep on Texel don't do well if they stay inside for too long. So the mothers and children return to the pasture as quickly as possible. Every day, you can enjoy the happy frolics of the lambs in the green pastures of Texel!

Cuddling lambs

If a sheep has more than two lambs, the third lamb goes to a sheep that only has one, or it becomes what is known locally as a ‘soggie’ and is fed milk from a bottle. Anyone who would like to cuddle a soggie and maybe even feed it from a bottle can contact Schapenboerderij Texel.

Walking past lambs

The traditional Lamb Walk is held on Texel on Easter Monday of each year past the thousands of lambs in the Hoge Berg region. 

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