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Tips for women who want to visit Texel

19 September 2017

A week or weekend away with your girlfriends, sisters, colleagues or sorority? Sporty, creative and inquisitive women will find lots to see and do on Texel. Here are nine good reasons why Texel is a fantastic destination for any holiday with the girls!

Nine reasons to holiday on Texel with the girls

  1. Let yourself be pampered with Woolness, the 100% Texel take on wellness, where your body and limbs are wrapped in lanolin rich, pure sheep’s wool. Sheer bliss for your body, but it also helps your mind relax as you lie there all wrapped up in a cloud of wool. For the Woolness experience, visit the completely refurbished Boutique Hotel Texel, which has just opened an extensive wellness centre. Info: www.woolnesstexel.nl
  2. Collect oysters with oysterer Martin Zeeman. Martin takes you to a stunning spot on the Wadden coast to collect oysters, mussels, cockles and periwinkles. And it goes without saying that this oysterer, owner of delicatessen shop De Tesselse Oesterman and author of the book Oesters & Meer, will make sure that your catch of the day is turned into a delicious treat afterwards. Info: www.smakelijkenmeer.nl
  3. Discover your hidden creative talents. Try your hand at sculpting, photography and painting with the Texel landscape as your subject, led by Heleen Vink of Atelier Bij de Pomp. For more info about this and other workshops visit www.bijdepomp.nl
  4. Pick up a bottle of semi-dry, fruity Texel rosé at the local vineyard Wijngaard de Kroon and enjoy la vie en rose during a beautiful sunset by the sea. For info on wines sold, opening hours, tours and wine tasting go to www.wijngaarddekroonvantexel.nl
  5. Discover the history of Texel as you cycle the ‘Het Oude Land van Texel’ (Old Texel) route (30 km), which takes you through nature reserve De Hoge Berg. This is the oldest part of Texel, which was formed by glaciers in the Ice Age. You will cycle past typical Texel phenomena, such as garden embankments, sheep barns, drinking pools for cattle, the Skillepaadje, Wezenputten and Fonteinsnol, where you can enjoy stunning views of the island. The route is available at VVV Texel. Info: www.texel.net
  6. Pick the most delicious summer fruit. In the pick-your-own garden of the Boersen family, there is always something to be picked throughout the summer: the strawberries, blackcurrants, blackberries and gooseberries are juicy and ripe here. A sign at the entrance of the garden tells you which types of fruit (and vegetables) may be picked. And when the flower garden is in bloom, you are allowed to get busy with your scissors in this garden too. Info: www.zelfpluktuin.nl
  7. Work up a sweat! Sure, relaxing and lazing around on the beach is wonderful, but it’s also a great place to be active. How about surfing, power-kiting or beach volleyball? Or stand-up paddling (SUP) and beach yoga, which make for a relaxing start or end of your day. For group activities and individual sports, visit www.zandbanktexel.nl and www.paal17.com/actief
  8. Go for a walk or ‘ommetje’. ‘Ommetjes’ are footpaths through pastures, for instance, in Oosterend, Den Burg, through the Eierlandse polder and in the former dune areas near Den Hoorn. You get to walk in places that didn’t used to be accessible; peace and quiet and wonderful natural scenery are guaranteed and you can be sure that the walk will clear your head. Check out short walks on www.delieuw.nl and visit www.texel.net for longer routes.
  9. Book a tour at the Walvisvaardershuisje, the Whaler’s Cottage, in Den Hoorn and lose yourself in stories of days gone by in this gorgeous interior. Info: www.walvisvaardershuisjetexel.nl


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