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Winter walks on Texel’s beaches

15 January 2020

Obviously, especially in summer, Texel’s beaches are extremely popular: you can spend all day enjoying the sun, the sea and the sand. Nonetheless, the beaches on Texel are fun in winter too. In fact, on weekdays, you’ll feel as if you have the whole world to yourself as you wander along the wide stretches of beach here on Texel, with only the sounds of the waves crashing and the gulls for company.

Did you know that it’s easy to stay warm during a wintry walk on Texel?

Here are a few tips to stay warm on a winter walk:

1. Walk with a tail wind
If you head into the wind, you will feel the chill more than when you have the wind behind you. And of course, it’s more fun to walk with the wind giving you a helping hand! Find out which direction the wind is blowing from before you set off and walk along the beach with the wind in your back. On the way back, you can take a more sheltered route through the dunes.

2. Wear warm clothes       
Of course, you’ll be sure to wear warm clothes for a walk in the winter, but remember, layers of clothing are the warmest. Make sure the top layer of your winter outfit is a wind-proof coat and you’ll stay nice and warm the entire time you are out.

3. Hot chocolate and a log fire
Did you enjoy your walk along the Texel beach? Why not follow it up with a large mug of hot chocolate at a beach café? If you’re lucky, there might be a log fire roaring in the fireplace too!

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