Spinnenweb met spin fotograaf Liselotte Schoo VVV Texel

3 tips for taking pictures on Texel this autumn

The leaves on the trees are changing colour and wild mushrooms are shooting up everywhere, autumn is here! Do you want to know how to take a beautiful autumn picture on Texel? We asked Texel photographer Liselotte Schoo. She is a self-employed photographer who works on Texel but also elsewhere. Liselotte takes professional wedding photos, pregnancy photos and family portraits. Nothing’s too crazy.

Photographer Liselotte Schoo’s top tips

1. Pay attention to details

Mention autumn and most people immediately think of brightly coloured trees in the woods, but an autumn picture can, of course, be taken anywhere. Pay attention to the details you see around you that remind you of autumn. A big puddle in the street, burnt red ivy at your neighbour’s, a little spider or perhaps a tasty autumn beer after a long beach walk.

2. The weather is no excuse, don’t wait too long!

Before you know it, the trees will have shed all their (colourful) leaves and the mushrooms will have been trampled into the ground. Don’t let the weather keep you from taking pictures. It doesn’t necessarily have to be sunny or nice to take a beautiful picture. A misty day can actually produce magical images and raindrops can create stunning effects.

3. Take a bin bag

When you go out looking for beautiful autumn details, make sure to take a bin bag, just in case, so that your trousers stay dry and clean if you want to sit or kneel down for one special (detail) shot.

Spinnenweb met spin fotograaf Liselotte Schoo VVV Texel
Photographer: Liselotte Schoo

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