Sneeuw in De Nederlanden VVV Texel

4 tips for wintry, photogenic locations

In winter, the sun is low and the grazing light creates lovely shadows: great weather for photos. We’ve asked Texel-based photographer Ruth de Ruwe how to take good wintry photographs of Texel. Ruth is a landscape photographer, publishes books of her own photographs and did the photography for De Smaak van Texel.

Photographer Ruth de Ruwe’s favourite spots

1. De Nederlanden

Early morning, before the sun melts the hoar frost, is a good time: a white layer covers the dark-brown heather and blond beach grass; the schapenboet in the background adds a finishing touch to this Texel landscape.

2. Oudeschild harbour (weekend)

If the weather is cold, the fishing cutters, returning from their mid-week trip, are often covered in a layer of ice. If the harbour is frozen over, this wintry scene is perfect.

3. The mudflat beach at Oudeschild

When it freezes, sea water splashes up and forms icicles on the wire of the fence; the frozen Wadden Sea is a spectacular sight too.

4. De Dennen

There’s a lot to see here, even when the weather is mild. Beech trees grow in a few places in De Dennen and their golden leaves cover the ground around them, forming a wonderful contrast against the brownish green trunks and branches.

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