Omleiding Postwegl

De Cocksdorp accessible via diversion until April 2022

Good to know for those staying in De Cocksdorp or wanting to do activities in the area: there is a road closure. Following the Nieuwlanderweg, the Postweg is now also being renovated. The work is already taking place and will last until at least April 2022. De Cocksdorp will remain accessible during this period via an alternative route.

From the boat to De Cocksdorp
An alternative route is indicated on the Pontweg just before the first roundabout. Follow the signs with the letter C to drive to De Cocksdorp via the main road. You can also drive this route if you want to go from Den Burg to De Cocksdorp.

From De Cocksdorp, the alternative routes to the other villages are also indicated. Follow this until you are back on the route your navigation originally indicated.

By bike
The dune cycle path between De Koog and De Cocksdorp will remain accessible.

Accessibility of locations along the Postweg
There are various accommodations along the Postweg. These will remain accessible via surfacing, according to the indicated options. You can normally also reach De Slufter via De Postweg. This is now possible by driving via the Hoofdweg to the Slufterweg. If you follow this road you can cross the Postweg. This crossing will remain possible for the time being.

Want to know more about this diversion?
The current situation and updates can be found on the website of the municipality of Texel. Do you have questions about the best way to reach your accommodation on Postweg? Please feel free to contact us.

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