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Renting bikes on Texel

Texel is known for being a very bike-friendly island. So, it will come as no surprise to you that there's no shortage of bike hire businesses here. You will find a bike hire business in most villages and a wide choice of different bikes to hire. You can go in all directions on Texel when it comes to two-wheelers!

A wide range of hire bikes

Besides normal bikes, you could also hire a tandem, electric bike or mountain bike on Texel. There are also many different ways to make sure that you enjoy a safe and enjoyable bike ride on Texel with your child, whether using a child seat, bike trailer or parent-child tandem. Wagons are available to hire from a number of bike hire businesses too. You could also hire a multi-user bike, which is a type of bike that has been designed specifically for people with a disability.

Hire bikes online

You can hire a bike at various locations on Texel. We recommend reserving bikes in advance online! You can hire bikes from:

Bike hire businesses per village

The bike hire businesses available in villages on Texel: See the list of bike hire businesses on Texel.

From Solex to Tuk Tuk

Do you fancy hiring something original and exploring Texel in a completely different way? How about a real Solex that you can get at three different places on Texel: Den Hoorn / ferry port, De Cocksdorp or Oudeschild? You can even rent a tuktuk on Texel! Last but not least, the special bikes designed for disabled people are an absolute godsend for many people! All-in-all, we think it's true to say that almost everyone can enjoy getting out and about on Texel on a bike.

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