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Zo Texels

Texel is a miniature Netherlands. Dunes, woods, heathlands, beaches, mud flats, polders and pastures; the myriad of landscapes the Netherlands has to offer can all be found on Texel.


And then there are the islanders. Unique, headstrong people. They are proud or ‘groos’ of their island and are happy to share it with you. They know the most gorgeous spots and the best stories. Once you have met Texel’s locals, your holiday will be truly unforgettable! A number of them are part of Zo Texels. Zo Texels are special holiday accommodations owned by Texel people who love their island and want to help make your holiday experience unique.

Book a Texel experience

Zo Texels accommodations are small and friendly, authentic places to stay. They all have the ‘Waddengoud’ quality mark. This quality mark guarantees the quality of the accommodation. It doesn’t just apply to the property or location. Your host is an essential part of this package. Your Zo Texels host is Texel born and bred and a certified ‘Gastheer van het Nationaal Park Duinen van Texel’ (Host of National Park Duinen van Texel). So he or she can tell you lots about nature on Texel.

Your Zo Texels host makes sure that you can get to know the real Texel during your stay. Over a good story round the brazier, during a covered wagon ride or warm welcome with the host really taking the time to listen to your needs.

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